Rock Revolution for Nintendo DS

Rock Revolution for Nintendo DS
Rock Revolution for Nintendo DSRock Revolution for Nintendo DSRock Revolution for Nintendo DSRock Revolution for Nintendo DSRock Revolution for Nintendo DS
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15 May 2009
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Following the hugely successful Guitar Hero and Rock Band games comes this Nintendo DS offering. In the same vein as the previously mentioned the idea of Rock Revolution is to perform classic rock tracks by imitating the button sequence on the screen to perfect time and hitting the buttons accordingly.

Rock Revolution utilises the DS' touch screen function and microphone for the full rock experience - whilst on the go. You wouldn't catch me belting out numbers as I travel to work, mind you. Whether you want to play at home or on the go Rock Revolution will certainly get you in the mood for rocking out! Rock Revolution hosts 20 spectacular rock tracks for the DS, majority are covers of the likes of Foo Fighters, Linkin Park, System of a Down, Mötley Crüe, Iron Maiden, The Killers, Queen and many more, fantastic covers they are at that.

Gamers have a few modes to sink their teeth into here, with a colourful career mode that sees you in a band, recording songs and playing epic live shows. There are local and online multi-player options that include co-op and guitar axing battles. The sandbox mode however allows the gamer to get creative and create your own songs with various guitar and drum options.


Poor Man's Guitar Hero

Basically, if you like Rock Band and Guitar Hero, you'll probably like this because it's pretty much a full out clone. If it wasn't for the covers (though some are originals) I'd give a higher rating, but at this stage in the rhythm game niche there really isn't much excuse to not have original masters.

All that said, Rock Revolution makes very good use of the touch screen which I much prefer to Rock Band's silly clip-on accessory. Worth a shot if you can get it cheaply!
by Phil Wilkins 11th January 2014
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