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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is VGDb free to use?

You better believe it. VGDb is 100% free to use, whether you're just browsing for the best deals, or doing in-depth research on your favourite games.

Q. I noticed something wrong. Can you fix it?

Certainly, it is our pleasure. Use the contact form on this page, giving as much information as possible. Accuracy is our prime directive, and we aim to fix most issues within 24-hours.

Q. My favourite game is missing. Can you add it?

We've got a huge number of games in our database, but just like with Pokémon we won't stop until we've got 'em all. Know about a title we've missed? Send us a quick message with the details.

Q. Can I blog for you?

Yes! We would be delighted to feature your writing. Send us a message! We love to work with anyone who has something interesting to say in the world of gaming. Every article on VGDb is fully credited to the author.

Q. How often are the prices updated?

We update price listings at least once every day. You'll only notice when they change however, and for some older games this can be a rare occurrence. Rest assured everything is up-to-date.

Q. How long has VGDb been tracking prices?

The original implementation of VGDb was a simple Excel spreadsheet way back in 2008. Fast forward 16 years, the current PHP/MySQL benemoth features many millions of price change records.

Q. How many games are in the database?

To date we've added 31,476 games to our database, and we don't intend on stopping until we've got them all.

Q. Do you have a privacy policy?

We take your privacy very seriously. The details can be viewed in our Privacy Policy, which is also where you can opt-out of our anonymised analytics system.

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