Virtua Fighter 2 for Sega Saturn

Virtua Fighter 2 for Sega Saturn
Virtua Fighter 2 for Sega SaturnVirtua Fighter 2 for Sega SaturnVirtua Fighter 2 for Sega SaturnVirtua Fighter 2 for Sega Saturn
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    Virtua Fighter 2 is a fighter game that was initially released in arcades; shortly after that it was made available on the Sega Saturn, to the delight of gamers everywhere. Despite the relatively weak hardware of the Saturn, Virtua Fighter 2 encompasses excellent 3-D visuals for the time.

    You must first pick a personality from the character select screen (there are 10 or so to pick from) and wrestle all your opponents in a planned order (the order relies on your chosen difficulty settings). Eventually you must fight and destroy Dural (Kage-maru's mother), who was abducted and changed into an android with increased abilities in every known kind of combat.

    As with many fighters, the game is fairly simple to master; there is a kick button, a punch button, and you guessed it, a guard button. Nevertheless, there are more than 700 diverse combos to discover. In short, Virtua Fighter 2 is as easy or as complex as you want to make it.

    Virtua Fighter 2 plays a great deal like Street Fighter 2, except obviously in 3-D. Customisation is great, too; you can change the size of the ring from an extremely tiny stage, all the way up to a 82 meter giant. The time limit, health bars, and more are also fully editable.

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    Best. Saturn. Game. Ever

    Okay, so first off I totally acknowledge that the Sega Saturn port is vastly inferior to the original arcade version, but let's be honest here, has that ever really been a major bone of contention when you were choosing a game back in the mid-90s? In modern times it isn't even a consideration of course because there aren't any arcades, and those few that do exist are basically just Xbox 360 consoles in a fancy box with a coin slot. Okay, I'm losing you... I'll get to the point. Virtua Fighter 2 is the best game of all time. Of all time!
    by Gairu 5th July 2013
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