Grand Theft Auto III for Windows PC

Grand Theft Auto III for Windows PC
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Rockstar Games
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24 May 2002
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Things could be going better for Claude; what was going to be a bank heist to remember turned mighty sour when he’s shot down by his girlfriend of all people, who leaves him bleeding out on the street whilst running off with their accomplice, Catalina. Picked up by the cops not long after, Claude is sentences to 10 years in prison for his crime, the cherry on top of a particularly rotten cake. His luck takes a change for the better, however, when he and a fellow prisoner in the same prison transit called 8-Ball are accidentally freed in the crossfire of an attack. After briefly laying low in his safe house, 8-Ball introduces Claud to the local Mafia family, the first in a series of events that will see Claude not only rising to the top of the criminal element at the heart of the corrupt Liberty City, but will also see him laying waste to the old guard on his rise to infamy and quest for revenge. Or, maybe he forgoes systematic, planned dominance of the seedy underbelly of the city, and instead opts for complete and total chaos, stockpiling weapons by the truckload and going on a one-man warpath. How Claude’s story unfolds is entirely up to you...

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