TimeSplitters 2 for PlayStation 2

TimeSplitters 2 for PlayStation 2
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First Person Shooter
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18 October 2002
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The original TimeSplitters was much hailed on its release; developped by a team comprised of individuals who had worked on the much lauded N64 007: GoldenEye game and Perfect Dark, it married split-second-reaction dependant, frenetic first person action with delightfully mismatched aesthetics based on a variety of time periods- some real, many imagined- and stood as a proud counterpoint to the rising popularity of more serious affair like Medal of Honour. One of the few criticisms levelled at the game was that it felt a little rushed, with gameplay that could have stood for a little extra tightening and a total lack of any actual campaign in the campaign mode. With this in mind, TimeSplitters 2 could be said to be the definitive experience of the series; the gameplay and gunplay was balanced for maximum enjoyment, there was a clear story in the campaign mode this time that explained basic concepts like "what is a TimeSplitter, actually", and the wacky, irreverant, and rarely satirical nature of the story and its cast were dialled up so far past 11 it was hard to laugh at pretty much anything and everything that happened in the game. The party-defining multiplayer mode from the original game- which was one of its high points in reviews- is also back, and is just as fun if not even funner then it was before, with features such as custom map design, weapon loadouts, and a wide array of characters to select for both players and bots are all present and accounted for. As far as early noughties first person shooter action goes, you really can't do better then this, folks!

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