TimeSplitters 2 for GameCube

TimeSplitters 2 for GameCube
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First Person Shooter
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1 November 2002
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Though very well received in it's day (and deservedly so), the original TimeSplitters title could be considered a sort of "dry run" of the concept- a first-person shooter that took the player on an adventure through time- as the scenario mode was a bit thin on story, and the multiplayer mode somewhat pared back from it's initial concept. Thankfully, though, TimeSplitters 2 wasn't hampered by time constraints, and the team at Free Radical were able to make the game everything the original should've been- and then some! The race is on to stop the titular TimeSplitters, a race of destructive aliens bent on altering the path of history and the course of the future by any means, and the only people capable of stopping them are Sergeant Cortez and Corporal Hart. The sergeant follows the TimeSplitters through a time vortex to various time periods, taking on the forms of various peoples of the period he jumps into, and must retrieve the Time Crystals left behind to alter the flow of ages before Earth's destiny is sealed- and, of course, help with whatever problem crops up along the way.

The scenario mode is still a fast-paced, action packed afair that delivers fun just as much as it did years ago, but the greatly expanded multiplayer mode- loaded with all sorts of options, game types, selectable/unlockable characters and weapon customisation- is where the game really shines, and is guaranteed to draw crowds to your house for a TimeSplitters jam as soon as you tell your friends you've got a copy.

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