The House of the Dead [Xplosiv] for Windows PC

The House of the Dead [Xplosiv] for Windows PC
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Empire Interactive
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9 February 2001
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In the bleak and rainy future of 1998, technology has progressed enough that genetic manipulation is no longer a pipe dream, and life can be made wholesale from as little as a petri dish of genetic tissue (maybe some canned ham if you’re working on a budget). As with any great technological advancement, however, there are people that seek to use it for nefarious ends; Dr. Curian is one such man, subverting everyone’s expectations by using genetic science to create UNlife instead. Whether there were ever any benign intentions behind his desire to create creeping cadavers and monstrous malcontents is anyone’s guess, but even if he did, his setting his vile creations on his loyal staff and overrunning his Mansion-cum-Laboratory with them make them irrelevant. Unfortunately for the good doctor, one of the researchers caught in the crossfire is Sophie Richards, fiancee of an agent with the AMS, Thomas Rogan, and one panicked phonecall from her has Rogan and his enigmatic partner G upgrading their investigation of him from “by the books procedural work” to “all out guns blazing”. The game that changed the face of light gun games forever, with slick fast-paced gameplay, multiple paths entirely dependant on quick reflexes (or a good memory), and more then enough gothic horror to sate the appetite, The House of the Dead is an essential purchase for fans of blazing arcade action and dead heads alike.

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