The House of the Dead 2 [Xplosiv] for Windows PC

The House of the Dead 2 [Xplosiv] for Windows PC
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Empire Interactive
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7 February 2003
For Ages
  • English
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    It’s been two years since the world bore witness to the Curien Mansion Incident; tales of mad geneticists creating carnivorous cadavers that lashed out against their masters and threatened the safety of every man, woman, and child on Earth spread like wildfire among the populace. The AMS had hoped they’d put and end to the nightmare completely, but suddenly, almost out of nowhere, there are reports of grisly attacks springing up rapidly across the city of Venice; what little intel the agency is able to gather reveals it to be the work of monsters just like those that Curien created in the depths of his lab. Things looked dire enough, but the sudden disappearance of one of G, one of their top agents, further escalates the situation, leaving them no choice but to dispatch agents James Taylor and Gary Stewart to contain the disaster before it spreads beyond the city borders. Just as fast, frenetic, and action packed as it’s predecessor, The House Of The Dead 2 will satisfy any gore hound with an itchy trigger finger.

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