R-Type for Master System

R-Type for Master System
R-Type for Master SystemR-Type for Master SystemR-Type for Master SystemR-Type for Master SystemR-Type for Master SystemR-Type for Master System
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The galaxy is in danger, and only you can save it. Evil creatures from the Bydo Empire have warped their way across space in order to find our planet, with the intention of conquering it and bringing it under their rule – and the Earth Defense League has chosen you to pilot R-9, the nuclear powered space fighter which is humanity’s only hope at survival. You must fly through eight levels of invading aliens and destroy them all with your plasma gun, picking up Droid Units to help you out when the going gets really tough and relying on your quick wits and flying skill to save the Earth from becoming just another planet in the evil Empire.

This Sega Master System was released in 1988 to great acclaim, and features a fantastic soundtrack to accompany you as you face off against cool looking bosses in a really great setting. If you love the other games in this series then you are sure to be a fan of this one too, as it embodies the style of the shooters with game play that is at times challenging and will certainly satisfy even the most experienced of shooting and invasion style gamers.

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