Mario Strikers Charged Football for Wii

Mario Strikers Charged Football for Wii
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25 May 2007
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If there’s any one thing you can always count on Nintendo for, it’s their ability tocreate sports based titles that even folks who absolutely do not care one little bit about sports are able to thoroughly enjoy. That they tend to mix these concepts together with their well known and incredibly beloved cast of characters- most often those from their flagship franchise, the Mario series- no doubt helps a great deal. For our money, one of the single greatest triumphs in this regard is Mario Strikers Charged Football.

Following on from the original Gamecube title Mario Smash Football, Mario Strikers Charged Football retains the same base gameplay, but throws in a few unique tweaks and twists of its own. For starters, the various pitches the game can be played on feature physical elements that actively interfere with the five-a-side football the title is centred around, and a deal of precision of player skill is required to overcome them to achieve the best results in  match. The Captain-only Mega Shot specials are back, but this go ‘round, the Sidekicks get their own special known as the Skillshot, which can be released if sufficiently charged and is capable of bypassing goalies entirely. Defensive players are capable of attacking other ones whether they have the ball or not- remember, this is a no-ref full-contact take on football!- but doing so when the atackee lacks a ball will lead to the other team gaining an item that they can use against you. Throw in a variety of gameplay modes that add subtle shakeups to the base gameplay, and you’ve got a fun, arcade-y sports challenge brimming with personality and charm that is guaranteed to suck up hours of your life!

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