Lemmings Revolution [Dice] for Windows PC

Lemmings Revolution [Dice] for Windows PC
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Dice Multimedia
DCG 902350
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11 April 2006
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    Proving once and for all that puzzle game makers have what could be called a glib sense of humour, Lemmings Revolution brings that classic “save ‘em all” formula the franchise is known for into the third dimension, with an interesting twist; the levels are all formed around a central cylinder- the titular “Revolution”, if you will. The core gameplay, however, remains largely unchanged, with all 8 of the original skills from the first game returning (as well as the Fast Forward and Nuke buttons), but the gameplay is spiced up by the addition of a couple of elements; the biggest of these are the addition of the Weasels, a race of, well weasels that for some reason really can’t stand the Lemmings, and will knock any Lemming they come across off the side of the level and into the water. Other additions include two new types of Lemming for you to use, the Water and Acid Lemmings, the former of which can walk across water, and the latter across Acid, as well as the introduction of obstacles that dot the landscape, such as Anti-gravity Pads that reverse the gravity of any Lemming that steps on them, causing them to walk on the ceiling, and Laser Gates that change an element of or activate another part of a level upon being walked through. Just as devilishly challenging as the original title with enough unique content to stand on its own, Lemmings Revolution is a game well worth any puzzler fan’s time.

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