Catherine for PlayStation 3

Catherine for PlayStation 3
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Deep Silver
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10 February 2012
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Life is full of many taxing, heavy questions that are incredibly difficult to answer, especially when it comes to subject of togetherness, relationships, and love as a nebulous concept. Do you spill your inner weaknesses and frailties to your beloved, and will they understand you for it? How do you deal with the sometimes inevitable (yet still deeply sad) fact that you and your beloved might be moving apart? How do you come to terms with new attractions and old affections existing in tandem? Catherine puts some of those questions through the wrangler, having you step into the shoes of Vincent. Vincent is in a relationship with Katherine, a beautiful, clever young woman who has carved an impressive place for herself in the world; there’s trouble on the horizon, however, as Katherine is interested in settling down, but Vincent is wary of commitment. Things complicate further when a whirlwind night of debauchery with friends lands him in bed with the equally beautiful but doubly mysterious Catherine the following morning, with no memory of how he got there. Now, he’s forced to juggle his conflicting affections for the two women, the guilt of possible betrayal, and a whole host of inner demons he must work through.

Quite literally, in fact; Catherine takes the above emotional and personal subject matter, and wrangles it into the form of a complex puzzle game, wherein you must take out the near physical manifestations of Vincent’s innermost evils, and help him make a difficult decision. Complete with leaderboards and multiplayer modes. An eclectic choice of game for such subject matter, to say the least.

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