Black & White [EA Classics] for Windows PC

Black & White [EA Classics] for Windows PC
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Electronic Arts
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11 April 2003
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Simulation Games pick a very wide variety of themes and topics as their central framing device, that much is certain, but Black & White stands unique among various entires in the genre by being one of the very few that put you in the roll of a God- like, implicitly. It’s not implied; you absolutely are a God. Born of the prayers of a desperate family wishing to save their dying son, you soon settle into your role as the guardian of the village the family come from, exerting your divine powers in whatever way is needed- casting miracles, primarily. Secondary goals come in the form of progressing the plot within the game by completing little quests that unlock Gold Story Scrolls and Silver Reward Scrolls, and the ability to spread the good word of yourself throughout the various villages across the island, bringing more people under your holy doctrine- that is, if your doctrine IS holy; there’s no reason to say your God might not be a bit more... Old Testament. Almost every action you take within the game can sway your influence among the people one way or the other, even before factoring in your own personal bias to which role you’d rather take. One of the most memorable features of the game, however, is the Creature system; using an incredibly advanced A.I. system for the time, your god is allotted one Creature that, through training, can graduate from doing simple tasks to engaging in increasingly complex ones, making the Creature some of an avatar for your God.

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