Batman: The Brave And The Bold for Wii

Batman: The Brave And The Bold for Wii
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Warner Bros. Interactive
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24 September 2010
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If you've grown a bit weary of the grim ‘n girtty direction Batman seems to have taken in recent times, then this is the Batman game for you. Directly based on the fun and playful Batman: The Brave And The Bold cartoon series, this game puts you primarily in the role of the eponymous Bat themed superhero, alongside a cast of other heroic individuals such as Robin, Plastic Man, Green Arrow, and even Aquaman, places you in an episodic beat ‘em up setting, and throws a veritable army of nasty foes your way, from rampaging gorillas to stone statues given life. The Not-Quite-As-Dark-But-Still-Sort-Of-Dark Knight can, of course, run, jump, kick, and flip his way through the advancing hordes, but the option to call on the aforementioned superfriends if needed is always there if you need it, and need it you will. The game also features Nintendo DS connectivity, meaning you can aid you buddy as Bat-mite through your DS if it takes your fancy.

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