True Crime: Streets of LA for Xbox

True Crime: Streets of LA for Xbox
True Crime: Streets of LA for XboxTrue Crime: Streets of LA for XboxTrue Crime: Streets of LA for XboxTrue Crime: Streets of LA for XboxTrue Crime: Streets of LA for Xbox
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7 November 2003
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This was one of the first open world action games to be released after the ground-breaking Grand Theft Auto 3 in 2003. True Crime however sees the gamer on the other side of things a police officer as opposed to a mob boss.

You are officer Nick Kang, a no-nonsense cop who's attitude and blunt force reputation have landed him a nasty mission in infiltrating and seizing the Chinese and Russian gangs that are terrorising the streets of Los Angeles. The same setup as GTA 3 is applied, players can do as they please, whilst completing the story at their own leisure.

Even as a cop you can go on the rampage, and as you are a cop the consequences aren't there as they are in GTA, you merely score 'bad cop' points which (the more you get) will slowly see you go down the pecking order in demotions and if the bad cop points continue to drop you'll eventually be exiled from the force! On the flip side however you can apprehend criminals in mini side missions, and thwart random crimes whilst roaming the streets which will gain you 'good cop' points.

The amount of points you have at the end will determine how the story ends. All to play for! A great kick-ass game! Whole heartedly recommended for any fans if GTA!

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