Rock Band for Xbox 360

Rock Band for Xbox 360
Rock Band for Xbox 360Rock Band for Xbox 360Rock Band for Xbox 360Rock Band for Xbox 360Rock Band for Xbox 360
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23 May 2008
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Rock Band makes use of peripherals modelled after musical instruments to replicate the enjoyment of performing as part of a rock band. Players make use of these gadgets through playing scrolling melodic "notes" on-screen together with the music.

Rock Band merges components from two of Harmonix's earlier endeavours: Karaoke Revolution and Guitar Hero, permitting up to 4 players to strum on bass and lead guitar, drums, and sing to their hearts' content using the microphone. Rock Band allows play on up to three tracks of perpendicularly scrolling painted music notes. Each player is responsible for one of these strips, and the coloured notes on-screen correspond to keys on the drum and guitar peripherals.

For bass and lead guitar, performers play their notes by holding down coloured fret keys on the guitar peripheral and pressing on the controller's play bar; for drums, performers hit the corresponding highlighted drum-heads, or tread on the kick drum. At the very top of the screen is the lyrics display, which rolls horizontally, in a similar fashion to Karaoke Revolution.

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