Metropolis Street Racer for Dreamcast

Metropolis Street Racer for Dreamcast
Metropolis Street Racer for DreamcastMetropolis Street Racer for DreamcastMetropolis Street Racer for DreamcastMetropolis Street Racer for DreamcastMetropolis Street Racer for DreamcastMetropolis Street Racer for Dreamcast
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Bizarre Creations
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3 November 2000
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    Game-play in Metropolis Street Racer is centred on the single-player game with cars and tracks in the multi-player game being unlocked all at once like in the single-player mode. The principle is that, being a road racer, the player ought to make an impression on other drivers with swift but classy driving in a string of challenges. These races are in sets of 10 (known as Chapters - they are 25 altogether), with conclusion of all races unlocking the next chapter (presuming the player has sufficient Kudos) and opening a new car. Every race is on a special track, and unlocking a race opens that pathway in the multi-player and time-attack games.

    With MSR, you can drive 40 accredited cars from 14 companies, counting Mercedes-Benz, Renault, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Rover, Peugeot, Alfa Romeo, Ford and Honda. 200 different courses through London, Tokyo and San Francisco present 15 square miles of 3-D landscape that is produced from over 40,000 shoots and 400 hours of video recording. Play in numerous game modes, counting timed run, street race, model street race, head-to-head, challenge, model championship and championship. Race alone, or beside a friend using the split-screen style, or observe how you match up to online speedsters through uploading your act on the Internet to be rated in a group.

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    This game is so criminally underrated that its unreal. Being released so late into the Dreamcast's life didn't help I'm sure, as is proven (in my eyes) by the popularity of the re-released version (Project Gotham Racing on Xbox).

    Graphically speaking MSR is leaps and bounds above anything released at the same time, the music is great, and the racing style can't be faulted either. Officially licensed cars, too. Seriously, how was this not more popular?
    by Mochamax 26th November 2014


    For those who didn't know, this is actually the precursor to the Project Gotham Racing series as made famous on the original Xbox. All the cars are here, the graphics are very similar, and yes even in Kudos were available. I'm actually finding it hard to find much difference!
    by Rage128 6th January 2014
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