Jet Set Radio for Dreamcast

Jet Set Radio for Dreamcast
Jet Set Radio for DreamcastJet Set Radio for DreamcastJet Set Radio for DreamcastJet Set Radio for DreamcastJet Set Radio for Dreamcast
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24 November 2000
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Jet Set Radio is a game where your character travels using inline skates and enjoys the simple pleasure of grinding on railings and attaching themselves to the rear of cars. The player can make use of a boost to increase momentum, which can be reloaded by carrying out combos and tricks, much like typical skating games such as Tony Hawk's Pro Skater.

The aim in the competition is to spew other groups' with your personal graffiti, which requires the player to gather spray-paint containers trashed across the arena. Tiny graffiti can be spewed over through hitting the spew button when passing close to them, and can be done when grinding or jumping. Bigger pieces of graffiti, on the other hand, require the player to complete a chain of tasks as depicted on screen using the analogue sticks.

Additional assignments comprise of confrontations with rival groups, for instance pursuing them along a specific path. At certain points in the game, the police will be summoned to pursue you, frequently sending squads to put an end to your evil plan; they will certainly be using weapons! Players will take harm from this shooting, but life can indeed be regained by gathering special health spray canisters.


Will You Stop Playing With That Radio Of Yours?

Few games can be said to succeed on the merits of their style alone, but the combination of then-uncommon and very stylish cel shaded graphics, a phenomenal soundtrack that's half original material and half licensed material, and a semi-futuristic meets skate-punk aesthetic helped launch Jet Set Radio to meteoric heights. Although, the fairly unique gameplay certainly helped. Even today, many people still hold this game in their hearts (and rightly so, as it is absolutely fantastic).
by Decon 5th July 2016

Turn That Radio Down

Can you believe that this epic game came out a whole 13 years ago? It hasn't aged one bit either, and personally I think this is much better than the Xbox port which was released shortly after. Long live Dreamcast!
by Barbossa 22nd March 2012
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