Grand Theft Auto: Vice City for PlayStation 2

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City for PlayStation 2
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Rockstar Games
Release Date
8 November 2002
For Ages
18+ BBFC
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    It isn't much of an overstatement to say that Grand Theft Auto III changed the face of gaming in quite a significant way, greatly popularising it's specific take on an open Sandbox environment for... pretty much every year that followed it's release. Very few games reached quite the grandiose level of freedom and complexity it did at the time, too, which helped it stand out even more- not that it needed much help, with the emphasis on violence, vice, and the very antithesis of the concept of virtue dialled way, way up to 12. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City played things relatively safe in the aftermath by being mostly more of the same, but it did bring one major change to the table; giving its central protagonist an actual characterisation alongside his Obviously A Bad'un nature. To say this lead to a greater connection between the players and the stakes of the plot would be a pretty hefty understatement- the potential for comedy, also, shot through the roof. It also leaned heavily on it's chosen aesthetic of Late 80s Circa Miami; this not only allowed the team at Rockstar to embellish the setting with a great deal of character of its own in the process, both visually and aurally, but it gave them a solid bedrock on which to greaten details of it's plot, and a narrower and more pointed focus for it's satire and comedy overall.

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