Crysis 2 for PlayStation 3

Crysis 2 for PlayStation 3
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Electronic Arts
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25 March 2011
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While Crysis 1 was played in the forests of the tropics against aliens, this version sees you battling it out in the Big Apple, city of New York. With excellent graphics and novel gameplay, Crysis is truly a great PC game. The environment can be destroyed completely. The new Nanosuit 2 helps you acquire special abilities like increasing your pace, becoming stronger and being more accurate in your aim. You can disappear from sight too. There are also a variety of weapons to choose from. The combination of the special powers gives you the ability to counter any opposition. You can select from a range of moves like stealthily stalking enemies, crushing them with cars or shooting your way through. The gaming consoles now have a taste of this unique game here. There is option to pick the ideal plan to fight to attack silently and with stealth or pummel the aliens with a barrage of bullets. With the CryEngine 3 technology, the latest in graphics, the product is photorealistic. This advanced technology shooter game from first person perspective also boasts of upgraded AI. This offers varied responses from aliens and humans to your attacks.

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