Crash Boom Bang! for Nintendo DS

Crash Boom Bang! for Nintendo DS
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Sierra Entertainment
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27 October 2006
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Wish to play many more games with Crash? Well, here’s the chance. Join his party with mini games galore as you race across the world for the ultimate cash prize of a multi-million dollars. It is best played in a quartet. While secretly trying to find a lost city of the past as well as the "Super Big Power Stone" that possesses magical powers of granting a single wish the contestants do not know the evil designs of Viscount Devil who sponsored the race. The twist in the race is that Dr. Neo Cortex who deciphers Viscount’s idea plans to steal the guiding map and bring back the magic stone. Can Crash and his friends match up to these schemes and triumph in race? Most party games can quite strike a balance between board games and mini games. Crash Boom Bang! (Nintendo DS) has nearly 40 mini-games which can be reached via a board game. Enjoy movement in the mini game where you must shoot basketballs into the hoop but this moves! Also try to paddle a canoe boat while simultaneously plucking a fruit. Ambidextrous are you? The touch screen adds interest in such games.

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