Codename: Kids Next Door for PlayStation 2

Codename: Kids Next Door for PlayStation 2
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Global Star Software
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2 December 2005
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In a world somewhat similar to (but not quite like) our own, Kids and Adults are engaged in a quite literal endless battle of the generations, always trying to one up the other for total something or whatever. Fighting the corner for t’youths are the illustrious Kids Next Door, a massive global organisation protecting the young from the tyranny of the geriatric, often by way of guns made out of mustard bottles and a few bits of wood. One of the most celebrated teams is that of Sector V, staffed by Numbah’s 1-through-5, and known the world over for foiling the exploits of some of the most dangerous and demented adults that ever middle aged. Which is just as well, as during a quick field test of a training simulation helmet (and some not-so-quick Video Game time), a sizeable portion of said nefarious villains have broken out of KND custody, and are wrecking absolute havoc by way of actively malicious colds, spank-happy vampires, candy thieving pirates, and the odd toilet themed supervillain. It’s now up to Sector V to round them all up and dispense a healthy dose of 2X4 justice.

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