Call of Juarez: The Cartel for Windows PC

Call of Juarez: The Cartel for Windows PC
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A notorious Mexican drug ring known as the Mendoza Cartel already boasts a rap sheet at least a mile long, but they decided to kick up their game a notch by bombing an American law enforcement agency. Ben McCall, grizzled LAPD policeman, has been following the trail of the cartel through California, Arizona, Texas, New Mexico, before finally winding up at their stomping ground in Juarez, and finding his fates crossed with those of Eddie Guerra, a top DEA agent and veteran of the Iraqi conflict, and Kim Evans, an FBI agent who has soared through the ranks in her efforts to fight poverty and violence. With unique fighting skills between them, an array of firearms ranging from pistols to sniper rifles, and an assortment of mission types like raids, witness protection, interrogation or car chases, there’s little stopping you from taking the fight all the way to the home turf of the enemy, even if you have to bend the law a little to do so...

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