Brütal Legend for Xbox 360

Brütal Legend for Xbox 360
Brütal Legend for Xbox 360Brütal Legend for Xbox 360Brütal Legend for Xbox 360Brütal Legend for Xbox 360Brütal Legend for Xbox 360Brütal Legend for Xbox 360
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16 October 2009
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Fans of Tenacious D and School of Rock will be salivating at the mouth as Jack Black stars and shines in this kick-ass heavy metal game. You as the gamer you control the fate of Eddie Riggs; an axe wielding guitar legend with a passion for rock who’s been launched into the mythological “Age of Metal” where the world is ruled by all things rock.

You embark on a mission to rally a team of rock loving head-bangers and demons to prepare for battle in the biggest war in rock history against barbaric overlords. You have demon wings and a killer guitar that melts the face off your enemies – literally! The hand-to-hand combat is effective in crushing the bones of the baddies, and calling to the powers of the rock gods will unleash a wrath like no other! All whilst rocking out!

Visually the game is impressive and Jack Black provides his well received eccentricity and enthusiasm for rock is completely what this games about. The soundtrack is heavier than a tonne of bricks and once you start banging your guitar in savage style you won’t be able to stop till you’re the god of rock himself! Brütal Legend will quite simply rock your socks off!


Rock on!

Whoever came up with the idea of what is essentially a Tenacious D video game truly deserves his or her weight in gold. Never mind the nitty gritty details, just be assured this game rocks hard; hard like metal.
by Sparky 30th June 2014
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