Bolt for Wii

Bolt for Wii
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Disney Interactive Studios
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13 February 2009
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Canine comedy doesn't get any better. Assume the roles of either Television star Bolt, the dog or his owner Penny set in the television series as depicted in the film. Use action, combat, intrigue to save themselves and defeat the evil designs of Calico, rescue Penny's father. They must prevent the villain from acquiring an Armageddon like weapon which he is forcing Penny's father to develop.

Bolt and Penny brave rocket launches, sailing ships, speeding trains and a host of other transportation modes to pull off the rescue. At your disposal are special powers like laser vision that can target everything in sight irrespective of the distance; ground pound to pack more than a punch; and the bombastic bark that can unsettle all opposition. With the role of Penny you would be employing grey matter more than sheer muscular power. Hack computers, acrobatic skills, and wheel-bar with a scooter to get the better of foes.

Move across a quintet of world locations in the world including Italy, Russia, and China. There are 5 levels of thrilling action you need to face combining brain and brawn to bring one of the most interesting animation movies to the gaming world.

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