Over Jump! Sega Rally drifts our way

If there was one arcade style racing game to rule them all, it would in my opinion be Sega Rally Championship for the Sega Saturn. No doubt about it. As a young boy way back in 1996, this was the very first game I acquired for the Saturn, so I had a lot of time to truly master every corner with absolute precision.

I can still remember the pure joy of finally winning the championship mode and unlocking the fabled Lakeside track (which is insanely hard, by the way), and having recently played through the game again that feeling hasn't gone away!

There are countless numbers who agree with me of course, which is why Sega Rally remains to this day as one of the most commonly available games for the Saturn. Yet, for some incredibly strange reason we have never had it in our database...

That changes today; behold, Sega Rally Championship for Sega Saturn!

Published 1st June 2016 by Daniel Crocker

Daniel is the founder and head of development for the VGDb website, mobile applications, and associated social media profiles. If you notice something wrong then he's your man!