Halo 3 Beta Released

Do you know what today is? Why it''s 16th May of course; the day that the Halo 3 beta was due to be released. Well, it is for the lucky few who managed to get a copy of Crackdown on time *puts gun to head*. Oh well, I''m sure it will come out today if I am patient enough. Apart from that minor hiccup I am very excited.

I know I said I would be posting an article about the beta today, but alas I have''t even been able to play it yet.

A small warning regarding both the Halo 3 beta and other articles; I am due to attend the Fanime exposition this weekend, so bare with me whilst the updates come in a little less frequently. Of course I''ll be sure to write a nice long report about the whole experience for your reading pleasure, and on that subject it has been confirmed that the guys behind Red Vs Blue will be attending again! Naturally this makes Freddy very excited, and add this to the awesome singing contest which is going down it makes for an incredibly exciting experience. I can''t wait!

To reiterate, I am sorry this isn''t the review I promised, but technical problems out of my control and dictating the outcome this time. Hopefully this post has provided you with a little update on what''s happening, and should the beta finally decide to become available by around 10pm (PST) today I will make certain to piece together an informed review for you guys. The Xbox live service is definitely not behaving as it should today so let''s all cross our fingers and toes in anticipation.

In the meantime you should all go and download the brand new Red Vs Blue PSA from the Xbox 360 Live Marketplace. It is incredible, period.

Published 16th May 2007 by Daniel Crocker

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