Area-51 for Xbox

Area-51 for Xbox
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Midway Games
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27 May 2005
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    Visit the US government's most secret military facility, Area 51. A virus outbreak has shut the research area down with scientists and soldiers locked up as quarantine measure. You enter as HAZMAT (hazardous materials) ace Ethan Cole and leader of a Special forces unit. You must search all five levels of the facility to find the virus with the deadly power to control the mind of not only the victim inside the facility but also the interred members of ancient alien colony in the neighbouring area.

    Not only must the team prevent the release of the virus mutagen but the more ominous complete global mutation. En route they must uncover truths behind strange occurances. This first person survival horror video game features not only hi-tech and alien wielding weapons but also machines that can be operated like the plasma turret. Weapons are both single handed and dual wield ones.

    You can also mutate augmenting your strength and stamina. It can also help you belt out health restoring parasites and more importantly, "infect" enemies. Mutants make enemies easily visible. You can even scan your surroundings.

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