Virtua Fighter 2 for Mega Drive

Virtua Fighter 2 for Mega Drive
Virtua Fighter 2 for Mega DriveVirtua Fighter 2 for Mega DriveVirtua Fighter 2 for Mega DriveVirtua Fighter 2 for Mega DriveVirtua Fighter 2 for Mega DriveVirtua Fighter 2 for Mega Drive
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20 April 2009
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Originally designed for the arcade, this fighting game has been reworked to suit the limitations of the Sega Mega Drive, and as such is a two-dimensional representation. Despite this, the graphics of Virtua Fighter 2 promises to be a treat for all serious retro gamers.

There is a select screen to choose from a 10 characters, all of whom you will fight with according to the degree of difficulty you have opted for. You can also dictate the size of the arena you wish to play on. The challenge to fight Dural the android, a versatile opponent who can execute every combat move, is the ultimate one.

A practise mode which continually resets the energy meter to infinity helps you when trying to get your moves right against the computer. An interesting variation on the usual forms of game-play is that a small sized arena together with infinite health sets you up for a sumo-style challenge in which the objective is to land the opponent with a move that puts him out of the ring.


Better Than Saturn Version

I'm going to go out of a limb here and say the Mega Drive / Genesis version of this game is actually better than the Saturn version.

Don't crucify me just yet! Reasons are coming...

Firstly, the combo system is more refined and feels snappier. Unlike the Saturn version everything moves at a very quick pace with (I think) 60 FPS graphics and a full progressive scan picture. Better than the interlaced garbage on the Saturn version.

Also worth noting is the music is 16-bit which is awesome!

Okay let's be honest, both versions are cheap enough that you might as well own both of them... But if you forced me to choose, personally, I'd go for this one.
by Gregasaurus 4th September 2016
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