Under Defeat HD [Deluxe Edition] for Xbox 360

Under Defeat HD [Deluxe Edition] for Xbox 360
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Rising Star Games
Shoot 'Em Up
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9 November 2012
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Developed by cult-beloved shooter creators G.rev and originally released very, very late in the Sega Dreamcast’s life (the original release proudly proclaiming that it “decorates the end of the Dreamcast”, in fact), Under Defeat sees you in the role of a German speaking Helicopter Pilot allied with The Empire, an immeasurably powerful force that finds itself up against the equally domineering Union, in a battle that will change the path the future takes regardless of who wins. Adopting a deceptively simple gameplay style, a machine gun and a stock of bombs as your primary weapon base, the former of which can be held down for a perpetual stream of fire with no fear of running out of ammo, and the latter of which will remove almost any threat from the field ahead, and offer you some protection from enemy fire temporarily, at the cost of being restricted to a maximum of six at any given time; three additional Options can be collected that give your aircraft some additional firepower, however. Although this is the first official release of the game outside Japanese territories, it is actually an updated version of the game that features minor gameplay tweaks, the option of a horizontal orientation mode, and a brand new soundtrack composed by Yousuke Yasui in place of the original score.

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