Tomb Raider [Sold Out] for Windows PC

Tomb Raider [Sold Out] for Windows PC
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Sold Out Software
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2 March 2001
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    Even in todays comparatively progressive atmosphere, female-lead video games are still something of a novelty and a rarity; it’s an understatement to say it was even rarer back in the 90s. CORE Design, however, were undeterred by this fact when developing what would become Tomb Raider, proving to the world that the gender of your player character is secondary to the quality of the game as a whole; it helped that Tomb Raider was- and to some extent, still is- a highly playable action adventure game, dressed with a plot that’s a delightful send up of pulp novellas of the same ilk.

    Our leading lady in question, Lara Croft, is something of an adventurer for hire, taking on the most dangerous of tasks for the right price. This time around, she is approached at a hotel in Calcutta by a man named Larson Conway, an employee of the illustrious Natla Corporation; at the request of the head of the corporation, Lara is asked to retrieve a mysterious artefact called the Scrion, said to be located in the lost tomb of Qualopec, deep in the mountains of Peru.

    As is often the case in stories like this, what should have been a quick and easy gig quickly unfolds into something much more sinister, as an ancient tyrant from times long since passed is preparing to execute a plan thousands of years in the making, and Lara is the only one capable of- or perhaps bold enough- to try stopping it.

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