TimeSplitters 2 (Classics) for Xbox

TimeSplitters 2 (Classics) for Xbox
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First Person Shooter
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10 October 2003
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The original TimeSplitters title was an unfortunate victim of crunch and rapidly approaching deadlines; a proper scenario mode, which actually explained just what in sam hill was actually going on, never made it into the game due to time constraints catching up to Free Radical (a team comprised of expats from Rare that had previously worked on genre masterpiece 007: GoldenEye). Never the less, the game sold- and it sold well. It was, at the time of it's release, one of the most popular video games on the planet- a factor helped along by the game's hugely customisable Multiplayer mode that made playing with friends an absolute joy.

At least, it was, until TimeSplitters 2 came out and basically rendered the original inert on launch day.

For starters, that covet Scenario mode was a thing now- stories were strung together by cutscenes and far deeper text dumps of lord, and there was a far greater variance in mission types and styles then there were originally. Though the original game definitely had a slightly campy bent and was at times a fairly funny romp, TimeSplitters 2 clearly establishes itself as a primarily comedic adventure that, whilst it has stakes and tension, doesn't really take itself all that seriously. Like, at all. Sometimes, not even remotely. Oh, and of course, what was already a pretty fantastic multiplayer experience has been made even greater, with even MORE options in terms of game modes, weapon load-outs, character selection, and map customisation- though the scenario mode is nothing to sniff at, it is by far and away the multiplayer that defines TimeSplitters 2 and that made it a stone cold classic from the word go. That it still remains a highly playable game even today is a testament to just how out-and-out GOOD it is from top to bottom, and it is an essential purchase for any self respecting gamer.

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