The Matrix: Path of Neo for Xbox

The Matrix: Path of Neo for Xbox
The Matrix: Path of Neo for XboxThe Matrix: Path of Neo for XboxThe Matrix: Path of Neo for XboxThe Matrix: Path of Neo for XboxThe Matrix: Path of Neo for Xbox
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Shiny Entertainment
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11 November 2005
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15+ BBFC
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    Often considered the most faithful game in the series, The Matrix: Path of Neo centres around the life and times of a computer hacker known as Thomas Anderson, who subsequently becomes The One after meeting up with the omniscient Morpheus and his crew aboard the Nebuchadnezzar.

    Naturally, anyone familiar with the world of The Matrix will already know the story, and this is no doubt the very reason you are reading this. With that said, hardcore fans of the series should take note that this is indeed the original story of Neo (hence the name), and not the alternative story-arc seen in the first outing Enter The Matrix.

    Speaking of hardcore fans, many will be excited to learn about all-new extended versions of certain scenes. One might initially think these are purely for the sake of gameplay, and in some cases that would be correct, but the majority of these extra missions were in fact written and directed by the Wachowskis themselves. One such hotly debated alternative is the ending scene to The Matrix Revolutions segment of the game, in which (without giving away any spoilers) the fight is altered to allow for a less “disappointing” reward to the player’s efforts.

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    I know kung fu

    I wasn't a big fan of the original Enter The Matrix, but this updated version based around Neo's journey is mad stuff. Really epic!
    by Benjamin 20th February 2013

    Second best Matrix game

    After the first amazing "Enter The Matrix" game I had high expectations of it's follow-up. It certainly doesn't disappoint! High octane action, and finally we get a Matrix game which follows the original story!

    As far as replay value, I'd say the first game beats this hands down... But if you're a hardcore fan of Neo and the gang this is definitely one not to miss.
    by Charles Darude 11th December 2010
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