The Last Guardian for PlayStation 4

The Last Guardian for PlayStation 4
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Sony Computer Entertainment Europe SCEE
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9 December 2016
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A game several years in the making- nearly a full decade, in fact- The Last Guardian is nothing short of an epic in both presentation and scale.  Framed as a story recounted by an elder gentleman, the story sees a young boy wake up in the deep, dark, dank ruines of a long lost castle in a valley known only as The Nest. Not long after his rude awakening in hostile territory, he stumbles upon en enormous creature that is half mammal, half avian in nature, chained and speared to the ground. Though hostile at first due to its bonds, once the young boy frees the creature from it’s predicament, he begins to act gentler and kinder towards him. This simple act and odd set of circumstances kicks off an adventure of discovery, mystery, a little bit might and a shake or two of magic, the likes of which have rarely been matched by games past or present.

Players of the deveolper’s previous outings, Ico and Shadow of the Colossus, will be familiar with the base gameplay on display here- third person action that is heavily reliant of climbing, carrying objects, and interacting with a wide variety of puzzles. The big difference is how the large creaturex Trico- fits into the gameplay. Players have no direct control over Trico, though he can be taught certain commands that allow the pair to overcome certain obstacles. However, letting Trico do his own thing is also greatly encouraged, as it can lead to the discovery of new areas to explore.

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