The Amazing Spider-Man for PlayStation Vita

The Amazing Spider-Man for PlayStation Vita
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One area in which a lot of Spider-Man games fall flat is failing to convey the true essence of actually being Spider-Man. No, none of that "with great power comes great responsibility" malarkey- we're talkin' 'bout getting to swing around New York City's skyline and do crazy superhero parkour. Thankfully, Beenox's movie adaptation The Amazing Spider-Man is a triumph in this regard, basing it's core gameplay around a huge, open-world take on the Spider's famous stomping grounds.

That isn't all the game has to offer, however; the game's combat system takes a significant amount of inspiration from Rocksteady Studio's Batman games, as confirmed by staff members at Beevox themselves, making it fast, fluid, and intuitive. Throw in additional details like the full, collectible Comic Books, and you've got a fairly meaty game worth picking up!

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