Super Monkey Ball for GameCube

Super Monkey Ball for GameCube
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3 May 2002
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Sega's various R&D teams have always had a knack for taking some pretty out there concepts and managing to make fantastic titles out of them. I mean, can you honestly say you can name any other company that would make a game centred around a gaggle of cartoon monkeys, each of them trapped in a little Gashapon Ball, that you're tasked with navigating around perilously puzzling stages of devilish deviousness without a) having them fall to their doom and b) having them make it to the goal within a certain time limit? We certainly can't.

The original Monkey Ball was a bit of a smash hit in the arcades, but rather then creating a direct port of it and calling it a day, Sega decided to spruce the Gamecube version of the title up a bit and make sure it earned the right to that "Super" prefix. Firstly, a fourth additional monkey character has been added that the player can select, so that's already pretty nice. But in addition to a mode that's based on the original arcade game, there are a slew of extras that make use of the games physics based gameplay in some interesting ways, each of them with mostly self-explanatory titles- Monkey Billiards, Monkey Golf, Monkey Fight, Monkey Race, and Monkey Bowling are just a few of the extra modes the game includes. This adds a significant amount of replay value to what was already a game that rewarded a dedicated play session or twenty, and it's definitely all the better for it.

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