Sonic Mega Collection Plus for PlayStation 2

Sonic Mega Collection Plus for PlayStation 2
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4 February 2005
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For all their faults (and even fans admit there are numerous), one thing you cannot fault the company on is their penchant for making absolutely sure gamers can enjoy the classic Sonic the Hedgehog titles, in some form, with most every console generation or significant computer upgrade. Not that you can blame them- they are fantastic games, and a great many series fans continue to hail them as the best of the best, so it's kind of in their best interests to make sure they're still readily playable for those who don't want to resort to emulation (or the truly crazy folk who still have the original formats the games were made for).

Sonic Mega Collection Plus is an upgraded version of the series' second game collection and, in addition to being a multi-platform release (the original was a Gamecube exclusive release), it also comes with a few notable extras that the original Mega Collection didn't have. The menu interface has been entirely re-designed and rearranged, for one thing, and a number of the extra unlockables (namely the various illustrations in the Gallery) have been updated and expanded upon. In addition, two games previously only available in the Japanese version of Sonic Mega Collection have been added to Sonic Mega Collection Plus as standard titles, in all regions, as well as six Game Gear titles. Numerous unlockable games are also available, including some non-Sonic titles- namely Ristar, Comix Zone, The Ooze, and the Mega Drive version of Sega's arcade title Flicky- as well as the numerous Sonic the Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles special stage variants called up by plugging non-Sonic titles into the Sonic & Knuckles Lock-on cart for the Mega Drive (here titled Blue Spheres).

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