Rocket League Collectors Edition for PlayStation 4

Rocket League Collectors Edition for PlayStation 4
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Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
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24 June 2016
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We love a good future sports game here at VGDb, and frequently lament the lack of them in the current video gaming climate. However, we also frequently laud Rocket League for it’s excellence on the site as well, and we are only too happy to do so for what must be at least the sixth or seventh time by this stage. Rocket League sees the player take control of a rocket-powered vehicle assigned to one of two four-man teams, and is given the goal of scoring goals by driving a ball into the opposing teams goal. So, it’s half Football, half Destruction Derby, basically. The base game can be tweaked in  mimor ways to the players’ liking, several alternate modes that imitate elements of Ice Hockey or Basketball are included, and the game boasts both a single player and both local and online Multiplayer modes for those looking to prove their worth on the leaderboards.

This special collector’s edition of Rocket League includes the base game, as well as all the cars and additional content of the Supersonic Fury, Revenge of the Battle-Cars, and Chaos Run DLC packs as standard.

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