Resident Evil 7: Biohazard for Xbox One

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard for Xbox One
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Survival Horror
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24 January 2017
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18+ PEGI
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Ahhh, Resident Evil; the name that gave rise to the Survival Horror genre, and remains it's glorious king for a good few years... at least, until the series began to dip further and further into action territory. Then it's reputation began to get a bit rocky. Sensing the apprehension many gamers had to their Golden Goose, Capcom decided to reign their approach in and return to the world of Survival Horror in a new, fresh way.

You assume the role of a man named Ethan; three years ago, his wife disappeared during a babysitting job and was assumed dead. All of a sudden, Ethan receives an email from her asking him to come retrieve her, confirming that she's alive but that she is still in danger. Naturally, heartbroken and grief stricken as he was for so long, Ethan jumps at the chance to rescue the love of his life. This being Resident Evil, of course, things do not go as smoothly as perhaps Ethan hoped they would; the house he arrives at is decrepit beyond belief, the occupants are utterly deranged and seemingly immortal, and monsters made of mold are quite literally growing out of the ground. Though you're not left completely defenceless against them, Resident Evil 7 takes things back to the start and gives you very limited ammunition reserves, and incredibly tight corridors to manoeuvre around; in this nightmare, your wits and quick thinking are a better weapon then the gun in your hand...

Widely celebrated as a fantastic return to the series' form, Resident Evil 7 is an absolute must-have for series die hards and people looking for a white knuckle thrill ride alike!

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