Resident Evil 3: Nemesis for PlayStation

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Survival Horror
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29 August 2000
For Ages
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Price History for Resident Evil 3: Nemesis (PlayStation)
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Raccoon City, a metropolis somewhere in the midwestern United States, has a problem. And that problem is a dodgy pharmaceutical company by the name of the Umbrella Corporation, who behind all the glitz and glamour of skincare products have been developing some nasty biological weapons, including the deadly T-Virus, a neurotoxin that kills off anyone it infects, and mutates their cells post mortem, reanimating them. After losing a top secret lab by way of dissent among the ranks alongside some soppy do gooders, and some bitter internal politics regarding their dangerous contraband, the virus escapes into the city, bringing it to its knees within hours as a veritable carnival of cadavers and other creatures take the streets. Wrapped up in all of this is Jill Valentine, a member of the local elite police unit S.T.A.R.S., who just months prior was one of the aforementioned soppy do gooders who handled the outbreak at one of Umbrella's labs. Jill and her now AWOL partner Chris Redfield had been trying to reveal the truth of what happened out in the woods, but apparently it took an outbreak and huge loss of life before anyone would take their word. Now, Jill only has one goal; get out of the city alive, and get the truth out there by whatever means necessary. Unfortunately for her, reanimated corpses aren't the most dangerous thing she'll have to brave on her path to freedom... Tightening the gameplay with little tweaks like a 180 degree turn, and upping the danger with the titular Nemesis, a nigh unstoppable killing machine, Resident Evil 3 is the perfect end to the original Resident Evil trilogy.

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