Quake II [Xplosiv] for Windows PC

Quake II [Xplosiv] for Windows PC
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Empire Interactive
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24 May 2002
For Ages
  • English
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    Earth is in a bit of a pickle; an alien race called the Strogg has their eyes on the blue marble, and is already making preparations for an invasion of some capacity. Rather then setting up a line of defence, however, Earth decides the better course of action is to preemptively invade the Strogg homeworld first, eliminating it’s hostile populace before they get a chance to return the favour. A large team of skilled Marines are sent to the planet, locked, loaded, and ready to face whatever comes there way. Or, at least, that was the idea; the reality of the situation, however, is that the Marines are almost completely eradicated upon arriving, utterly outmatched in almost every way by the Strogg empire. Through a happy accident during the landing procedure, one Marine manages to survive the ordeal; a tough-as-nails chap named Bitterman. The odds stacked fiercely against him, he stands as the last line of defence for Earth, tasked with taking out an entire army by himself, and assassinating the leader of the opposing force, Makron. With a soundtrack provided by acts and names like Sonic Mayhem, Jer Sypul, and Rob Zombie, Quake II could be considered a spiritual successor to DOOM, with fast and frenetic first person shooter action rendered in for-the-time incredible 3D graphics, and has remained something of a cult classic since it’s initial release.

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