Prey for Xbox One

Prey for Xbox One
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First Person Shooter
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5 May 2017
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18+ PEGI
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Research into alien lifeforms is always a fickle thing, and in much of fiction it never really turns out that well in fiction; Prey 2017 is merely one of the latest examples of this trope in action. It is set primarily on the Talos I, a massive space station that primarily serves as a research vessel containing extra terrestrial lifeforms known as Typhons, which are being rigorously studied by the station's human occupants. Three guesses as to exactly how that turns out for them (here's a hint: not very well at all, no sir). The player is put in the role of Morgan Yu, who so far as they can remember was a new recruit aboard the Talos I that joined up in the year 2032 at the behest of their brother Alex. Three years have passed since then, which Morgan was evidently in a coma throughout, and the Typhon have taken control of the ship and killed most of the staff aboard it. What follows is a story that focuses heavily on both memory and choices, the latter of which range from questions of ethics and practicality to ones of morality; there's a bit of shooting to be done in there, too.

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