Max Payne for Windows PC

Max Payne for Windows PC
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Take 2
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24 April 2003
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How would you deal with the loss of your nearest and dearest love ones, cruelly snatched away from you but what seems to be tragic happenstance, but that you are sure is something much more? For Max Payne, that’s the grim reality he faces after his wife and newborn daughter are murdered by junkies, hyped up on a new drug sweeping through the area named Valkyr. Following the tragedy, Max throws himself into his job as a newly appointed member of the DEA, working tirelessly to track down every possible lead he and his co workers can that might offer some explanation as to the nature or origins of the drug, until finally, after a couple of years of dead ends, they finally find an angle. Unfortunately, said angle requires one of their own to go into deep cover, seamlessly integrating themselves into the criminal element. Hungry for vengeance, Max steps up to the plate, and before long, conspiracies upon conspiracies come to light, turning everything Max thought he knew on it’s head; no matter how dramatic the revelation, however, nothing can- or will- stop Max carving his way through every aggressor he comes across to make sense of it all.

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