Lord of the Sword for Master System

Lord of the Sword for Master System
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Lord of the Sword is a medieval fantasy adventure game for the Sega Master System released in 1989. An evil demonic figure, Lord Ra Goan, and his followers have overtaken the land of Baljinya and killed the king in the process, leaving the kingdom in complete chaos and with nobody next in line to take the throne.

A group of elders gather and decide that the man to take the vacant throne must pass three extreme tests in order to prove his loyalty and courage and therefore worthy of ruling the kingdom in complete harmony. Gamers play as Landau as he sets on the ultimate quest (and test of his life) as he strives to rid his beloved land of terror and restore peace once again. Armed with nothing more or less than a sword and a bow, you are equipped for close and distant combat and these weapons can be upgraded upon completion of missions or by purchasing them.

The first test on your quest to become king is to find the Tree of Merill, and your second sees you facing the Goblin of Balala Valley. Uour final test is to destroy the statue of evil. Completing these will see you become once and for all 'Lord of the Sword'.

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