James Bond 007: Agent Under Fire for Xbox

James Bond 007: Agent Under Fire for Xbox
James Bond 007: Agent Under Fire for XboxJames Bond 007: Agent Under Fire for XboxJames Bond 007: Agent Under Fire for XboxJames Bond 007: Agent Under Fire for Xbox
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Electronic Arts
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14 June 2002
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Adjust the bow tie, take a sip of your Vodka Martini and prepare to dive head first into the world of James Bond 007. This completely original story sees James Bond tackle an evil organisation who've been replacing world leaders all over the world with evil clones in an attempt at world domination. Queue Bond, girls, fast cars, a great armoury, even better gadgets and of course you as the gamer at the helm of it all.

This first person shooter has all the ingredients to get any shooter fan and especially 007 fans mouths watering. Released for the Xbox in 2002, this is by far the best original 007 game that was thus far. The graphics had the ante upped and the multi-player - in the same vein as official bond games 'The World is Not Enough' and the classic 'Goldeneye' is terrific gameplay for you and your friends, allowing for up to four players.

You'll face new enemies and some familiar, jaws turns up for a fight or two and Oddjob throws his hat into the ring also. With help of Q you're equipped to deal with anything this game throws at you, sporting a high tech mobile phone that can decrypt, is a remote transmitter, a grapple and laser is installed - not to mention you get your hands on a jet pack! So get set and play it cool, as Bond, James Bond.

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