Impossible Mission for Master System

Impossible Mission for Master System
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You are Agent 4125; your mission is to foil the plot of an evil genius called Professor Elvin Atombender who is believed to be attempting to sabotage the CPU systems of the country’s National Security.

There are six hours on the clock, you must collect 36 pieces of a puzzle which will give you the password to the room in which Professor Atombender is hiding and pulling all the strings to his dastardly plot! The puzzle pieces are hidden all over the lair in furniture and other random places, and there are deadly robots that have been put into place to stop you.

It’s kill or be killed as you race against time to uncover all the pieces of this bizarre puzzle. Fundamentally a platform game, whilst on your hunt for puzzle pieces you will also come across ‘Lift Resets’ and ‘Snoozes’, Lift Resets will reset all moveable platforms whilst Snoozes will freeze all enemies in the position they are in for a limited time.

These will prove to be very useful bonuses, but can only be used at computer terminals. Impossible Mission is a great action packed game, and patience is key, every time you lose a life 10 minutes will be deducted from your time. Agent 4125, best of luck!

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