Horizon: Zero Dawn (Standard Edition) for PlayStation 4

Horizon: Zero Dawn (Standard Edition) for PlayStation 4
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Sony PlayStation
Release Date
1 March 2017
For Ages
16+ PEGI
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    The world as we know it has been destroyed; throughout it's many ruins, robotic creatures roam the land, co-existing in an uneasy peace with the remaining scrabbles of humanity. Said remnants of the human race have re-adapted to life in the wilds, forming primitive tribe cultures that live off the fat of the land and do whatever they must to survive. Unfortunately, a phenomenon refereed to as the Derangement has begun, resulting in the mechanical monstrosities becoming more aggressive, and larger, far more dangerous ones have become to crawl out of the shadows. In amongst all of this is Aloy; a archer that has been an outcast all of her life, her attempt to gain acceptance with one of the tribes is quickly interrupted by events that see her thrust on a quest to discover her identity and reason for being- and, naturally, it is far more complex and deep then  initially assumed by both herself and a great many of her peers.

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