Grand Theft Auto [Sold Out] for Windows PC

Grand Theft Auto [Sold Out] for Windows PC
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Sold Out Software
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2 March 2001
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Nowadays, Rockstar is a well known name in the industry, a string of successful games baring the ubiquitous Grand Theft Auto name under their belt and all the accolades, commendations, awards and whatnot that come with it. Well, that all started here, and you might be surprised how little changed in the transition between this and later entries in the series. The game is set over six levels across three locales immediately familiar to longtime fans of the series; Liberty City, Vice City, and San Andreas. All three cities are rampant with crime and corruption, which, as you can imagine, puts most people off of visiting them. You, however, are not most people, and in the role of eight petty crooks looking to cement their place in the criminal element, take to the streets of each city with the sole goal of being as much of a menace as you can possibly be. What this entails is ultimately up to you; you can flip stolen cars on the street (as befitting the title of the game), worm your way into organised crime by doing dirty deeds for gangs of your choosing, or you can just go nuts and cause as much destruction as you damn well please. So long as you avoid one too many arrests, don’t get wasted, and keep one step ahead of the game, you’ll have all three metropolis’ eating out of the palm of your hands in no time.

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