Grand Theft Auto III for Windows PC

Grand Theft Auto III for Windows PC
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Rockstar Games
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28 July 2006
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18+ BBFC
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    Claude is many things- sleazy, crude, and more then a little cruel, but if nothing else- you can’t say he isn’t ambitious; it takes a tremendous amount of clout to try robbing one of Liberty City’s major banking establishments. It all goes a bit sideways, however, when his (now ex) girlfriend and her mysterious accomplice, Catalina, betray him mid-heist, shooting him down and leaving him for the cops.

    His luck takes a slight turn for the better, however, when the police convoy transporting him to his ten year prison sentence is disrupted in an attack, allowing he and fellow prisoner 8-Ball to abscond to a safe house. Thus begins Claude’s long rise to infamy in the criminal world, one which spans multiple sects of the criminal element, many broken bonds of trust, a little bit of lust, and plenty of ammunition to paint the streets red with.

    Grand Theft Auto III was the first 3D entry in the series, further expanding the possibilities of the non-linear, Sandbox approach to gameplay and story delivery the series was already known for to even greater heights then before.

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