Goat Simulator for Windows PC

Goat Simulator for Windows PC
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Koch Media
Coffee Stain Studios
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23 May 2014
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16+ PEGI
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There are a great number of questions that truly tax the mind; questions which philosophers have debated, discussed, and dissected from every possible angle for centuries. There is one, however, deemed too taxing a mental challenge for even humanities greatest thinkers, past and present, to tackle in any meaningful capacity: Do you want to be a Goat?

This question has remained unanswered since the dawn of time itself, but now, finally, lead designer Armin Ibrisagic and his team at Coffee Stain Studios have answered it pretty succinctly, even going so far as to tack a little addendum onto it: Do you want to be a Goat and, like, break everything?

For you see, despite the name, this is not a mere "Goat Simulator"; you do not prat about fields of grass, occasionally giving physics the middle finger by ascending a mountain on hooves alone. Though the game is indeed open ended and the player is encouraged to do pretty much whatever they like, rest assured, one thing is absolutely encouraged; you are going to wreck absolutely everything and be the greatest nuisance humanity has ever known, and you will bleat merrily at their cries of despair as the world crumbles around them.

Humour is at the forefront of the games design- the mechanics are hardly deep, and beyond the "break everything" task there is no real wild goal- but for a game initially developed as a joke at an internal game jam, Goat Simulator has a surprisingly cathartic and hilarious experience to enjoy. Naysayers and critics often label it as a "YouTube Game"- something for your Markipliers or Jack Septiceyes to outrageously react to for the entertainment of twelve year olds- but rest assured, the base game is a joy to sit through in the comfort of your own company.

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